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Welcome to HomeHygienix

Our Vision & Mission

HomeHygienix Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-based company.

Our company vision is to restore healthy living environment and we are committed to complete the mission as follow:


To eliminate unhealthy elements in your living environment.


Adding values in both domestic and commercial premises.


Introducing latest and reputable technologies to improve your living environment.


To provide a safe, clean, and healthy living environment for our customers.


HomeHygienix Sdn Bhd is founded by four young and vibrant individuals.

Each of them has difference skillset and they are coming from difference industries. They realise that the health problems of the general public are increasing dramatically. Thus, they came together as a team to form HomeHygienix Sdn Bhd, aiming to provide more education and awareness.

Current Project

Our Team

Our committed team that is making everything possible.

Kaycee Low

Chief Executive Officer

David Chang

Marketing Director

Benedict Tan

Project Director

Meng Chang

Chief Finance Officer

Product Insurance Coverage under Product Liability Insurance Cover (Asia Pacific)

1. Malaysia ITEX Awards 2010

2. Taiwan IIIC Gold Medal 2017

3. Canada IIIC Gold Medal 2016

4. CNAS Certified 2017 pg 1

5. CNAS Certified 2017 pg 2

6. Sirim 2017

7. CE Certificate 2017

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Here at HomeHygienix, we are committed to serve our clientele with efficiency and integrity while maintaining a professional service for them to rely on.

Additionally, we have the unique privilege of receiving priority and preferential support from the manufacturer directly.

As such, because we deal directly with the factory and of our direct business relationship with the manufacturer.

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